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Instantly create
adaptive music experiences
for your games.

We are beyond the concept of a library of static loops.
This site allows you to choose the content of the music for your game and also set up its behavior. Our engine's SDK brings adaptive music to your game within minutes!

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How to Add Music to Your Game

Create a project on this site It will hold the music assets and settings for your game in one place for you to edit or keep.
Describe the music structure Identify contexts such as: Menu, level, boss, map, different locations, distinct moods. Create a page for each context.
Search our catalog Find the music for your pages in our catalog. Tip: Some of our assets have parameters you can tweak.
Download music and SDK Copy the files to your Unity project and use a few simple API calls to have your game control our music.

Tutorial Video

This video shows you step by step how to utilize welove.audio Engine for a quick implementation of adaptive music in your game: Music project creation, music structure definition, searching our catalog, downloading the music, and using the API in a Unity project. Have fun!

Additional Resources

Additional information on our wiki:    https://help.welove.audio